The West Coast – The Place To Be To See The Super Blue Blood Moon

It’s time to set your alarms – for the first time in over 150 years, a ‘super blue blood moon’ will be visible from the United States! And NASA is saying that the West Coast, Hawaii and Alaska are the best places to see this super rare lunar trifecta (lucky us!).

So, what exactly is a ‘super blue blood moon’?

Its a combination of three different celestial events: a Supermoon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse. 

And what do all of these events mean?

The Supermoon means that the moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. The blue moon, despite its alluring name, simply means that it’s the second full moon of the month. And the total eclipse is what is responsible for making the moon appear a reddish colour (hence the ‘blood moon’) and this element will only be visible across the western side of the States. 

When will this event take place?

For you lucky Californians, this celestial treat starts with the lunar eclipse at 3:48am PCT and will end at 7:12am PCT on Wednesday Jan 31 2018, with the crazy color change thanks to the total lunar eclipse lasting from 4:51am PCT to 6:08am PCT. That gives you a great window of 77 minutes to witness this spectacular event (even if just for a minute or two before climbing back into bed for a few more minutes). It’ll be worth the early start though, we promise!

What if I want to make this event even more special? 

We’ve listed a few cars that’ll transform your experience tomorrow morning (or any other time you feel like stargazing really):

The One With The Great View

Kia Optima EX 2018 From $25,700 MSRP

This midsize car is the perfect choice for those of you wanting the best of both worlds – comfort and visibility. The Kia Optima comes with the premium option of having a large two-paned panoramic roof meaning that when it gets a little hot in the car you can wind back part of the panoramic roof to let in some fresh air without hindering your view of the nights sky. Now, this premium option comes at a price of $2,300 but we think it’s worth every penny!

The One With The Ultimate Trunk

Honda Ridgeline 2018 From $29,630 MSRP

The new Ridgeline makes for the ultimate stargazing/moon gazing vehicle. Just grab some comfy cushions and warm blankets and cozy on up in the truck bed! This truck may be pricier than other trucks in its class, but it has some awesome techy extras that’ll make you understand the extra bucks – things like it’s in-bed power outlets and truck bed audio system will take your outdoor adventures to the next level. This combines the luxuries of the indoors with the wonderful benefits of being in the great outdoors.

The One With Extra Space 

Subaru Outback 2018 From $25,895 MSRP

The Outback is a great all-rounder – it works for those city dwellers, for those who love the outdoors and everyone in between. Once you’ve driven up to a nice vantage point, you can fold down the rear seats and keep the trunk open which will act like the perfect portable tent – no fiddly tent pegs to deal with here! You can just sit back in the comfort of your own car and watch the skies and when you’re all done, no packing to do, just jump in to the front seats and you’re away. You can even store away cozy blankets and cushions in its underfloor storage. It’s that simple. 

Hopefully we have inspired you enough to set your alarm clocks to see this spectacular sight! And for those of you who sadly will miss out, there are plenty of websites that will be streaming the event. Happy Moongazing everybody!



Author: PushAuto

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