Cooler than Cool Car Accessories & Gadgets

It’s that time of year again…With less than a month until Christmas, you’re probably going to be thinking about what to give to who and how much to spend! Well, here’s a list of super cool car accessories and gadgets that we would definitely give as gift to our nearest and dearest, ranging from the more expensive to cheap and cheerful stocking fillers. 

Hammaka Chairs $289.99

These Hammaka Chairs take road trips to the next level. Just attach them to the back of your truck and get ready for the ultimate way to relax after a long drive. Just pull up, set up and enjoy the view.

Navdy $799

The sleekest sat nav you’ll ever see… With the clear screen, there is nothing to block your view of the road! It links up to your phone so you can also see what song you’re playing or if your mom is calling. 

Trunk Organizer $43.95

On the far more affordable side, there’s this super useful folding trunk organizer. Not only is it cheap and cheerful, but it also comes with a cooler making it the perfect in-car accessory for everyone. And it comes in 10 colorful patterns too!

Moso Air Purifying Bag $9.95

These all natural bags actually absorb the inevitable odors that occur in a car (wet dog, food, drink etc). They also absorb allergens and pollutants making these a great gift idea, especially for those with young ones. 

Tepui Baja Series Kukenam Rooftop Tent $1,275


If this rooftop tent doesn’t want to make you hit the road and explore, then we don’t know what will. Obviously you, or the recipient, will need to own the right car (or maybe they’re planning on buying one with PushAuto) but if that’s the case you’re in for a real treat. Create endless memories and cure any sense of wanderlust. 

RoadPro Slow Cooker $34.52

No one will expect getting a slow cooker that they can use on the road! This 1.5 quart cooker plugs straight into the lighter/power socket. This’ll make the adventurer in your life very happy, saving both time and energy when it comes to cooking in the wilderness. 

Mini Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier $9.85

These mini oil diffusers make for the perfect stocking filler for any wellness guru or busy parent…or anyone really! They come in a variety of colors and easily transforms any daily commute. Perfect for those always stuck in that terrible LA traffic. 
We know these accessories would go down a treat with anyone, and hopefully we’ve given you some gift inspiration at least! 


Author: PushAuto

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