How To Survive a Long Car Journey Without Losing Your Mind

Traveling alone for hours on end can be boring and tiresome. So here’s some things you can do to make the journey a little less painful:

1) Create a playlist before you go

Music always makes a car ride more fun – it’s a great way to make time go by a lot faster too. Don’t forget to include a few of your guilty pleasures to sing along to.

2) Set a maximum number of hours that you will drive for during the day

Driving is tiring work and being on the road when your tired can be super dangerous!

3) Take little pit stops every hour or so

Think about it…you’re sat for hours on end. You and your body are going to hate that. So make sure you get out of the car, stretch your legs/back/arms/whatever else aches. You’ll feel better for it once the ride is over.

4) Wear comfy clothes and shoes

We are talking yoga pants, joggers, sneakers etc. Even if you are driving somewhere fancy, you wouldn’t want to be sat in your nice clothes the whole way there anyway! And maybe keep some body spray/deodorant on hand to freshen up along the way.

5) Bring some tasty snacks and plenty to drink

Hydration is key on any long journey! So bring lots of water and maybe a coffee to keep you alert. And you are bound to get hungry so bring along a cereal bar or two, a sandwich…whatever you like! Gas is expensive enough, let alone gas station food!

6) Open the windows every now and then

The fresh air will do you good and will help you feel more awake when tiredness kicks in.

7) Get a phone charger for the car

As you are by yourself, you never know when you’ll need help or when you’ll just want to hear a friendly voice. Plus, most people use their phones as a sat-nav and the last thing you need is for you having to guess the rest of your journey (or worse, using an actual map!)

8) Download an audiobook or podcast on something that interests you

If music isn’t your thing, an audiobook is a great alternative and an interesting podcast is a fun way to keep you feeling awake






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