Top 10 Fuel Saving Tips

One of the biggest costs of running a car is the cost of gas. So here are a few easy tips to help you save money on gas so that you can free up your hard earned cash:

1) Check your tire pressure

The lower the tire pressure, the more gas the car needs to stay moving. So check every other week or so – if you aren’t sure what the pressure should be, you should be able to find they can sometimes be found by the lock inside the driver’s door

2) Don’t speed!

Illegally speeding might save you an extra 15 minutes on your journey, but it’s also a false economy. You might think that by being in the car for 15 fewer minutes, but you end up using more gas by traveling at this higher speed

3) Check your air filter

Nearly a quarter of all cars could do with an air filter replacement, and by doing so you can improve your gas mileage by up to 10%

4) Limit the number of trips you take

This one is pretty obvious – the fewer trips you take, the more gas you save. So if you can combine all of your errands into one big trip, then you can save both time and gas money!

5) Don’t drive during rush hour

Another obvious one – not only is being stuck in traffic a terrible experience, it is also an expensive one

6) Try to drive more smoothly

Avoid that awful stop-start driving style – it’s a sure fire way to increase fuel consumption. Try to be as patient a driver as you can, you’ll save money and besides, there’s no point over taking someone to then have to stop a little further down the road

7) Lighten your load

Don’t cart stuff around that you don’t need. Your car is like your body; the more weight it carries, the more fuel is needed to keep it moving. For every extra 100 pounds carried, your car loses from 1-2% fuel efficiency. So although it might be a lot of effort to take out your heavy bike from the trunk, you’ll save a few dollars by doing so

8) Turn off the air con

As tempting as this might be, particularly in the sunnier states, leaving the air con on eats up a lot of your fuel

9) Take it easy on the brakes

Try not to drive with your foot on the brake pedal. Not only is this bad for your brake pads, but it can drive up gas consumption by up to 35%! Ouch!

10) Keep your vehicle streamlines

This can be done by keeping the windows closed or taking off roof racks etc. Having your windows down and having items strapped to the top of your car increases drag and therefore makes your car consume more fuel, so you’d want to keep your car as aerodynamic as possible

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