Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

Make every trip comfortable AND practical with these in car essentials!


Owner’s Manual – this should be in your glove box anyway, but it’s worth checking that it’s there. With so much useful information, from how to change your tire to what that flashing red light means, this little booklet will be super helpful for getting you back on the road.  
Blankets – Even if you live in sunny California, blankets are a must. You never know when you’ll get stuck waiting at the roadside. And at night, temperatures can drop a fair amount! Plus, it’s always nice to snuggle up in a blanket during long car journeys. 

Jump Cables – Car batteries always seem to go flat at THE most inconvenient time. Save time by having your own set, rather than waiting for a Good Samaritan to come along. 

Water – Of course, you can always stop by a gas station and buy a couple bottles when you get thirsty. But you’ll be thankful for having some in the trunk if you were to break down somewhere more remote. 

Snacks – This could be anything from cereal/protein bars to a bag of trail mix – whatever you like really. The same thinking applies to food as it does for water – it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. 

First Aid Kit – These are crucial in case of any accidents on the road and can really make a huge difference! Or even if a passenger simply get a paper cut or a nosebleed. And you can buy these ready made from most good markets and drugstores. 

Tire Repair Kit – Getting a flat tire is a common, and incredibly annoying, thing to happen. So having something to patch it up to at least get you to a repair station will feel like a god sent. 

Flashlight (and spare batteries) – Sure, you’re phone has one of these built in. But what if your phone dies, or is broken etc. 

Car Phone Charger – Phones are crucial in an emergency and in day-to-day life. Whether it’s to call home or to call the emergency services, a phone is an essential. 

Great Extras

Old Shopping Bags – These are great to use as an on-the-go trash bin or to help you carry a few more things from the car to your door etc. 

Hand Sanitizer – Mid-journey stop for food = guaranteed messy hands. 

Cleaning Wipes – To keep your car nice and clean. No one likes a sticky steering wheel. 

Mints – Mid-journey coffee/food stop can also mean that your breath is not the freshest. 

Umbrella – You never know when the heavens are going to open. 

Sunscreen – If you drive a lot, then you’ll soon realise that your arms to tend to get a little over exposed to the sun. So, lather up! 

Lindt Roller – Particularly helpful if you have a furry friend in the car with you. Check out our top list of pet friendly cars too! 

Tissues – From spilt food, to a runny nose, tissues are always helpful. 

And the great thing is, all of these items together wouldn’t even take up much space! So don’t worry about cluttering your car. Plus, these will only make your life easier on the road. 

So when you get your new car delivered to your door with PushAuto, make sure these are the first things you put in it!


Author: PushAuto

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