Top 10 Pet Friendly Cars 

Whether you’re setting out on a road trip, taking your pup for walk or running errands, you want to be able to transport your furry friend as safely, easily and comfortably as possible. So here’s our list of vehicles for all you pet owners out there. 

1) Subaru Outback

For the more active types, you might want to consider car made for the great outdoors. With 4 wheel drive and plenty of space for a dog of any size plus any extras (tents, backpacks, etc.), the Subaru Outback is a great option. And there’s an optional pet barrier available!

Cargo: 35.5 cubic feet

Price: From $25,645
2) Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

This may not be the most stylish option, but the humble minivan is often overlooked when it comes to thinking about a pet friendly car. The Pacifica has a low, flat and sturdy trunk which makes getting your dog in and out of the car a breeze. There are also several tie downs which are ideal for holding down dog crates for those dreaded trips to the vet. 

Cargo: 140 cubic feet

Price: From $40,000 
3) Jeep Renegade

With a square cargo area and rear seats that fold flat, any dog would feel at home in the Jeep Renegade. And, being a Jeep, it’s a great off-roader, perfect for days spent exploring any landscape. 

Cargo: 50.8 cubic feet

Price: From $17,995
4) Mini Cooper S Clubman

This not-so-mini Mini is super well-equipped for pet owners. The low level chassis makes it easy for any dog to jump in and out, and there’s plenty of space in the trunk for a comfortable ride and there’s always the option to fold down the rear seats. Convenient and stylish!

Cargo: 47.9 cubic feet (seats folded) 

Price: From $29,100
5) Volvo V60 Cross Country

This crossover is not only versatile and spacious, but there are a bunch of optional extras to make your life a little bit easier. These include cargo liners, seat liners, cargo dividers and rear tie-downs! 

Cargo: 43.8 cubic feet

Price: From $41,700
6) Toyota 4Runner

Not only does the 4Runner look great but there’s one extra special feature that any dog will love – the power tailgate windows roll down. Just imagine your furry friend with their head out the window, cooling down after a long walk! Sadly, the on-road handling isn’t the greatest but, like any SUV, the off-road handling makes up for this. 

Cargo: 89.7 cubic feet

Price: From $34,210
7) Land Rover Range Rover

It’s a classic – the ultimate in SUV chic. But the Range Rover is more than just a pretty face. There are plenty of helpful features including air suspension that has a mode allowing you to lower the car, perfect for those whose dogs aren’t blessed with long, strong legs. 

Cargo: 71.7 cubic feet

Price: From $85,650
8) Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is definitely on the smaller side in comparison to the other cars in this list, but thanks to its square trunk there is plenty of headroom. So even if you have a dog that’s on the tall side, the Soul still works well. And as a hatchback, it’s so easy to get your pup in and out. Your furry friend will also have a great view with the panoramic sun roof!

Cargo: 24.2 cubic feet

Price: From $16,100
9) Subaru Forester

This compact SUV is ultra reliable and great for dog owners. The rear seats fold down almost perfectly flat which is great for dog crates. And although the interior isn’t the prettiest, it is very sensible for those with dogs that have a tendency to moult a lot as the fur will easily brush off and won’t scratch too badly. 

Cargo: 74.7 cubic feet

Price: From $22,595
10) Honda CR-V

This car is often classed as one of the best compact SUVs – a great choice for families with a pup or two. There’s plenty of cargo space and offers optional cargo mats that actually cover all of the carpets, from edge to edge, making cleaning up a super easy task! 

Cargo: 75.8 cubic feet

Price: From $24,045
So, to all you pet owners out there, think about your furry friend before heading over to to buy your new car! 


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