Consumers Have Spoken and They Want to Buy Online

The Washington Post reported on the Root’s and Associates survey, revealing that 53 percent of U.S. consumers would be either “extremely” or “very likely” to buy a car entirely online, however, Root & Associates say that just 35 percent of dealers are interested in selling vehicles via their websites.

The writing is on the wall, consumers despise haggling over price. Millenials hold a special distaste for the negotiating price and financing terms. A new survey cited by the Car Connection asked consumers to recall their most recent car-buying experience and to rank four activities, from most pleasant to most annoying: researching vehicle makes and models, shopping and test-driving, arranging/negotiating financing, and negotiating the car’s sale price.

The results were pretty clear. Doing research was favored by a whopping 66% of respondents, while taking test-drives came in a distant second, with just 15% of the vote. A very curious 11% said they enjoyed securing financing, and just 8% liked haggling over the vehicle’s price.

The trend points to  consumers having a better feeling the more in control they feel. The more in control car buyers feel the more likely they are to enjoy the process which is why there is such a huge divide between the 66% who enjoy researching online and the minuscule 8% who like haggling over the automobile’s price.

The good news is that online car buying is not as far away as the Washington Post or The Car Connection have predicted.

We at PushAuto happen to have been listening and so we designed our platform with you, the car buyer in mind. You can do your car research online. But then you can also secure your financing online. You can fill out only one credit application instead of filling out a new one every time you visit a new dealer. Then get up to five no haggle offers. If you like one of the offers you can select your favortie and then complete the transaction all online. If you select an offer with free delivery, you never need to step foot into the dealership. At a cost of free it’s worth trying it out for your next new car.

Because PushAuto has just launched, we are only available for car purchases in Southern California but we’ll be expanding to your state soon so stay tuned!

And for those of you in California, head to our website and see how easy it is to buy or lease your next new car!



Author: PushAuto

Welcome to the future of car buying! Get your new dream car 100% online - anytime, anywhere. It's really that simple

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