Top 10 City Cars


When you’re navigating through busy cities, the last thing you need is something big and bulky to make hard work out of simple tasks like parking. Large pick-ups may be fun to drive but ultimately they aren’t best suited to those city streets. So we, at PushAuto, have created a list of the best small cars money can buy for all you city dwellers out there.

In no particular order, let’s begin!

1) Toyota Prius/Toyota Prius C:


Let’s start with a Californian classic – the Prius. This full hybrid electric car with its 1.8L engine is both cost-effective, running at around 54 MPG in the city and 50 on the highway, and is great for the environment! Now on its fourth generation, the Prius is better than ever, offering smoother driving and better handling. Plus it’s a great size for city driving, yet still has a spacious feel inside. With prices for the 2017 Prius starting at around $23,500, this city car doesn’t break the bank. You can also opt for the more cheap and cheerful version too – the Prius C! This super affordable member of the Prius family offers even better fuel economy on a budget and is 9 inches shorter than the original Prius making it  perfect for parking in those awkward little spots. Although with prices for this fun sized version starting at just $20,150 the proof is in the pudding with its lackluster interior design.

2) Hyundai Elantra GT:

hyundai elantra

The Elantra GT is a great commuter car for those looking for a little more space but don’t want to commit to a full-blown SUV. Not only does this car give you a good amount of space, but this space looks good! With its interior furnished with high-quality materials, the Elantra GT looks smart and modern. With its 2.0L four-cylinder engine, this car packs a punch and handles like a dream. But unfortunately the price you pay for this is in its fuel economy – with an EPA estimate of 24 MPG in the city, it lingers in the shadows of rivals in its class who achieve around 10 MPG more. But with the MSRP starting at $18,800, the Elantra GT is super affordable.

3) Volkswagen Golf:


Although not one of the cheaper options available, with the base model starting at around $19,895, the VW Golf is a wonderful all-rounder and ticks all the boxes. The Golf’s supple suspension makes light of the uneven road surfaces and potholes that you often find in the city, making for a smooth and comfortable ride. Its impressive fuel economy, that offers around 25MPG in the city and up to 35 MPG on the highway, also means this great little car produces a lower amount of CO2 emissions.  The spacious interior is great for people of all shapes and sizes, with a generous amount of head and leg space considering the actual size of the car and an even bigger boot – so don’t worry if you’re venturing out away from the city.

4) Fiat 500:


Inspired by the 1957 classic, the Fiat 500 is overflowing with retro charm. With its cheeky little 1.2L petrol engine, this Fiat is great for running around town. Fiat also offers a 500 with 0.9L Twinairs but they are definitely on the noisier side and this translates into a vibrating steering wheel and that’s no fun. The handling and driving quality of this car may not be as impressive or as smooth as some of the others on this list, but it’s arguably worth it for its cute looks. This quirky little car may not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea style wise, but with an impressive 49.6MPG in the city, it’s great for day-to-day life and running errands. And with prices starting at $14,995, this unmistakable car is pretty budget friendly!

5) Mazda 3:

mazda 3

This smart yet sporty looking family hatchback is ideal for city life. Though its interior may be somewhat dated, Mazda has at least stuck with their aim for a comfortable drive. Its sporty seats give you great support and getting comfortable is a breeze, especially for the driver who has a height adjustable seat and an adjustable steering wheel to match. Although passengers on the taller side may have some issues if they choose to sit in the back – the headroom is less than ideal due to the 3’s swooping interiors. But for a city car, this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, particularly when the Mazda 3, with a 2.0L engine, offers about 30MPG in the city and its superb handling makes whizzing around the city great fun! To top it all of MSRP starts at about $17,845.

6) Ford Fiesta S Hatch:

ford fiesta

With an estimated 27MPG in the city, this classic little hatchback is perfect for every city or town. The Ford Fiesta, with its 1.6L 4-cylinder engine, might be small but don’t let its looks deceive you – this is one powerful little car. MSRP for the Ford Fiesta is $15,265 for the five door Hatch, and if a four door sedan is more to your taste, prices start around $13,960. This pocket rocket has great handling, with fantastic grip making it ideal for turning through those tight corners that cities seem to always be riddled with. Although it does fall a bit below par concerning its interior – there’s not much space for adults in the back and the interiors feel slightly cheap – but this can only be expected from this super affordable car.

7) Honda Fit:

honda fit

Because Honda have cleverly placed the chassis so that the fuel tank is further forward, under the two front seats, the Fit has an enviable amount of space for both passengers and extra gear in the trunk. And that’s great news for a city car, as small cars (funnily enough) can often feel quite cramped. The Fit offers 29MPG in the city and an MSRP starting at $16,090. So, with great quality and spacious interiors, superb safety ratings and fantastic fuel economy, the Honda Fit is undeniably a good car. Unfortunately a lot of the controls, such as volume, can only be changed through the touch screen infotainment center, and this lack of physical buttons can become a bit of a pain.

8) Honda Civic Hatchback:


Now on its 10th generation, the Honda Civic is arguably better than ever. Its original 1.8L engine has been replaced with a 1.0L three-cylinder turbo engine, or there’s the larger 1.5L four-cylinder turbo if you want a zestier driving experience. The 1.5L option offers an estimated 32MPG in the city, making it one of the more fuel efficient in our list. The new Civic may be a little bit bigger than previous generations, meaning it might be a little trickier to park than some other options, but this extra space means that there’s more headroom and leg room than previous models. Having said this, the lower seating position means that most drivers might want to raise the front seats a little so that you can actually see over the dashboard. So that kind of counters the benefit of the extra head space. The Civic offers great handling and rides a lot smoother than previous generations, and this refinement translates to a much quieter ride even on those bumpy, cracked roads. MSRP starts at $19,700 – a very enticing price.

9) Chevrolet Sonic:

chev sonic

The subcompact Sonic, with its 1.8L, is great for day-to-day transportation around the busy city. This cheap and cheerful car, with MSRP starting at $17,580, makes light of bumpy roads and pesky potholes whilst keeping the ride pretty comfy and quiet. We would suggest opting for the hatch as although the sedan offers a bigger a trunk, the hatch can actually fit more cargo. This 1.8L four-cylinder engine offers you 25MPG in the city – this may not be as good as some others on the list but this little Chevvy still offers great fuel economy. Another thing to note is that while the front appears to be spacious and comfortable, the same cannot be said about the rear passenger seats – it’s a bit of a tight squeeze back there. But this smooth, sleek and sporty little car is fantastic value for money.

10) MINI Cooper Convertible:

mini convert

Finally, this little car undoubtedly comes to mind whenever you think of a city car – the Mini Cooper works well in any and every city. The handling is super sharp, just like it’s interior and exterior, making it easy to navigate your way through the busy streets. With MSRP starting at $25,950 for the convertible version it may be a little bit on the pricey side, especially in comparison to its competitors, but you can always opt for the hardback which is around $5,000 cheaper. It is also pretty cost-efficient with 28MPG in the city and 37MPG on the highway – perfect for city hopping. And this iconic car comes in a wide variety of fun colors (so you could make it very easy for yourself to spot your car)!

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